Teacher/Staff Appreciation

Why support teacher appreciation? Because for Albemarle County families’ children to be successful in school, we need great teachers!  And unfortunately, a national poll found that 55% of teachers are seriously considering leaving the profession. Rates of burnout are particularly high amongst teachers serving the most vulnerable kids and families.


We’ve identified three major gaps for Teacher Appreciation Week:

  • Most ACPS secondary schools have inactive PTOs (Parent Teacher Organizations) or PTSOs (includes students).

  • Title I elementary schools have struggled to raise money and recruit volunteers.

  • Many teachers are unserved by parent volunteer organizations, including substitutes, virtual school, at Center One & at CATEC.


What will Families Helping Families do to address these gaps?

  • Fundraising effort (funds for this project will be accepted through TA week;) to support appreciation activities for unserved teachers.

  • Event planning for schools & programs without PTOs, in collaboration with recruited parent volunteers and school leaders.

  • Share ideas, support and funds with struggling PTO leaders.

  • Organize an effort to write thank-you cards and purchase gift cards for teachers not at a physical school.

  • Host a community-wide drive for creative posters and thank you postcards.

  • Solicit “teacher special” business discounts for all ACPS educators.


Yes, it’s ambitious! Thanks for supporting ACPS teachers with us. Questions? See our FAQ.



Heidi Gilman Bennett

Teacher Appreciation Lead


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