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About Us

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Board Members:

*Board Members can be reached at 

**Latara Ragland- Co-President

Khalilah Jones- Co-President (Albemarle Co Local Gov.)

**Miles Nelson- Vice President (FHF Founding Group and ACPS Coordinator of Mental Health & Wellness)

**Amanda Alger- Secretary/Organizer (FHF Founding Group)

**Angie Brement- Treasurer (FHF Founding Group)

**Fran Clark (Greer Family Support Worker)

Dawn Monroe (AHS)

Shining Phaup (Mutual Aid-Staunton, Cville, Augusta & Waynesboro, Love Thy LGBTQ+ Neighbor- VA)

Kim Stanton (Bright Stars)

Community Volunteers:

Heidi Gilman Bennett Teacher Appreciation Initiative Lead

Mary Nacey Teacher Appreciation Events

Jeannine Loukas (Founding FHF group member)

**Christie Sparks

Desi S. (ACPS Student and FHF Website Designer/Coordinator)

Melanie Bowyer (Moving Help)

**Members of Solutions Team who respond to requests for help from the community

Advisory Group:

Lottie Shaver

Emily Holmstrom (Founding FHF group member and AHS Counselor)

Laketa Kelley (FHF Rep to ACPS Parent Council)

Are you a parent or community member motivated to help families in need? Families Helping Families seeks a school representative for each ACPS school. This role can be shared by two people and is a fully remote role- requiring limited time… but can have a big impact!


What does a FHF school rep do?

  • Share communications from FHF with the school PTO / community, making sure a) families in need know about available resources, and b) families are aware of opportunities to support each other with donated time or money.

  • Build connection between school counselors / family support workers and PTO / community re: family needs.

  • Share your school families’ needs with FHF leadership to support fundraising & advocacy efforts.

Detailed Description

2022-2023 ACPS School Representatives:

Agnor Hurt Elementary  Taisa Brooks

Albemarle High School Emily Holmstrom

Baker Butler Elementary  Courtney Zehnter, & Allison Ochs

Broadus Wood Elementary  Valerie Funk

Brownsville Elementary Sarah Harris

Burley Middle  Lisa Christianson/Kamisha Spencer

Center One  Karen Fink

Crozet Elementary  Mary Heppner

Greer Elementary  Tiphony Barmore

Henley Middle  Sarah Harris

Hollymead Elementary.  Megan Kopley

Journey Middle  Ronica Turner

Lab School  Melanie Bowyer

Lakeside Middle  VACANT

Meriwether Lewis Elementary  Erin Valett

Monticello High School  Lauren Martinez & Joe Weaver

Mountainview Elementary  Providence Smith

Murray Elementary  Jennifer Iyengar

Red Hill Elementary  Arilana Zlotnick

Scottsville Elementary  Renee Lundgren

Stone-Robinson Elementary Leah Shiraishi & Charlotte Dickerson 

Stony Point Elementary  Beth Kessler

Walton Middle  Karen Collier

Western High School  Lauren Otto

Woodbrook Elementary   VACANT

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