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Who We Are

The Families Helping Families Phase 1 Committee was established to open dialogue and work together with our public schools, Parent Council, community members, students and families to remove barriers to an equitable education, especially among underserved populations. The committee will evaluate what difficulties exist, consider short term and long-term solutions, ensure that basic needs are met, and determine solutions to remove obstacles to learning for those most in need. After the Executive Board is established, the Phase 1 Committee may continue to serve as an advisory council and will aid in establishing additional committees as needed.  


The Phase 1 Committee consists of 30 members serving a 1-year term and will include the following representatives:

  • Invited Parents

  • ACPS education and family advocates 

  • Members of underrepresented populations including communities of color, children with special needs, economically disadvantaged, and non-native English speakers. 


The Phase 1 Committee shall: 

  • Appoint a committee chair;

  • Recommend, recruit and vote on additional committee members;

  • Hold meetings every month or more frequently as needed;

  • Meetings may be in held in person or by other recommended means; 

  • Have free and open communication; 

  • Periodically review this charter and recommend any changes.

Phase 1 Committee Primary Responsibilities:

  • Select a Fund Director and appoint an Executive Board

  • Define a mission and vision statement

  • Determine application and fund distribution criteria

  • Determine evaluation and reporting requirements

  • Evaluate and vote on grant requests

  • Conduct feasibility of long-term goals.


All Phase 1 Committee members will:

  • Clarify and inform themselves and others of the mission and vision by learning and applying accurate and relatable information, project a positive outlook and encourage others to get involved with fund activities.

  • Transmit the name, mission and vision of Families Helping Families in all possible ways.

  • Subscribe to and foster dedicated participation with positive examples and open dialogue to encourage and engage all stakeholders. 

  • Consider multiple perspectives to provide insight and information in support of our purpose.

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